Our company was established in 2012 and it was interested in women’s
fashion, but in the year 2014, the company inspired to focus on the health care
especially on skin and hair and how to repair and glow it from natural sources,
delaying aging of the skin and having a healthy strong hair.

From that moment on, the sparkle of our products began with our brand slogan
“Your luxury care start here!”

We chose the best of the best, these are Korean and Japanese doctors
who, jointly with researchers, beauty professionals, formulators, and
engineers, in order to formulate exceptional beauty products which, give out
exquisite and tantalizing effects with the natural and vegan ingredients.

Famz products offer
for sale are duly registered, and all necessary approvals have been acquired.
The Government of Dubai under the Dubai Municipality in the United Arab
Emirates and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – USA have both given our
products a clean bill of health.